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7 most popular book marketing blog posts

End-of-the-year summary lists can be as helpful as they are popular.

Discovering the most searched for terms on Google during the past year gives you insights into trends and interests while a list of the year’s top news stories creates a flashback to what was considered newsworthy in the past 12 months.

As a blogger, I review my Google Analytics reports again at this time of the year to remind me of the posts that were most popular. It helps shape what I’ll write about in coming months.

“Best of 2013” on the Build Book Buzz blog

In keeping with that late December “best of” and “top” list-making tradition, here are the seven most popular Build Book Buzz blog posts in 2013 according to site traffic reports. Will any of them help you promote your book next year?

  1. Promoting your book: 8 ways to pitch media outlets
  2. 7 things you need to know about working with book publicists
  3. Don’t make these 4 common author mistakes on LinkedIn
  4. Do you Wattpad? 5 tips from a Wattpad writer
  5. How to build a killer book publicity media list
  6. 9 things you wish you knew before your first TV interview
  7. How to get awesome book cover blurbs

What book publicity, book promotion, or book marketing topic would you like to see covered here in coming months? Please tell me in a comment. 

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  1. Sandy…Happy New Year! And thanks for this round-up of super posts. You always provide valuable info and tips…much appreciated. I need to review my notes from the awesome Build Book Buzz class I took with you…it’s time to renew and revitalize what I am doing. One of my top marketing goals for 2014 is to put together an email list…one of the things you urged us to do which, for some reason, I never accomplished.

    1. It’s always so good to hear from you, Vivian! Yes, you need an e-mail list. I wrote about this in a few newsletters this year so if you want the back issues, just let me know!

      Happy new year!


  2. I am unclear about what I am supposed to do here. I have written and self-published a book entitled HUSH NOW, DON’T CRY. “Sort of” autobiographical. 1000 copies sold to date. I have begun the sequel (28 chapters so far) and another book (8 chapters on)”complete fiction”. How does one gather e-mail participants?
    Bob Ellis.

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