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Aggressive Fox News interviewer turns Jesus book into Amazon best seller

Here’s your shortcut to a best selling book: Get interviewed by Fox News.

In a surprising interview — even for Fox News — correspondent Lauren Green challenged religion scholar Reza Aslan’s credentials for writing a book about Jesus Christ because he’s a Muslim.


The interview went viral, propelling Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth to the number one spot on Amazon.com. It’s worth watching to see how well-prepared Aslan was for Fox and how well he handled the questions from a “reporter” with an agenda.

To see a friendlier interview, watch John Oliver’s interview of Reslan on The Daily Show.

What do you think of the Fox News interview? Did it make you want to buy the book? 

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  1. Oh yes, this makes me want to read the book! Didn’t think much of the interviewer though. She certainly seemed to have only one thing on her mind, to the point of being rude and almost dismissive at the end. !!

  2. I’m glad I saw this, if for no other reason, to read what is of most interest to me. I’m very protective of my Saviour’s name, and funny… don’t see where the interviewer was rude. I thought the entire dialogue was voiced in a way that, even non-believers, would find attracted in “such a time as this.”


    1. That’s exactly why it went viral, Dianne. The interviewer was an unexpected ally in the author’s book publicity campaign.


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