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Festive February book marketing opportunities

Ah, February, the month of the heart.

There’s Valentine’s Day, America’s most romantic annual occasion, on February 14. But February also brings us:

  • American Heart Month
  • An Affair to Remember Month (Best. Movie. Ever.)
  • Creative Romance Month
  • National Weddings Month

How many more book promotion opportunities can February present to romance writers? If you’re a romance novelist, start ramping up now for a full month of tip sheets, quote graphics, podcast interviews, guest blog posts, and essays.

There are plenty of other fantastic February book marketing opportunities available to those of us who write other types of books, too. All it takes to leverage these fun special days and occasions is an open mind and a little creativity.

How to use these quirky occasions

Let’s look at a couple of special days in February and how you can use them to call attention to your books.

  • February 1 is “Spunky Old Broads Day.” I kid you not. Are you a spunky old broad? Does your nonfiction book provide advice to these, um, older women with a bit of ’tude? Does spunky old broad describe one of your novel’s characters?

There’s so much potential here – send a tip sheet on how to become one, add appropriate images to your novel’s characters’ Pinterest board, or post a photo of your favorite spunky old broad to Instagram.

  • “Get a Different Name Day” on February 13 is an opportunity to blog about why you selected your characters’ names, or the process you use to find the right names for them.

Post on Facebook about the name you’d pick for yourself and invite your connections to share what they wish they had been named, too.

Anyone who has authored a book on baby names can use this occasion to offer advice on how to select the right name for a baby – or for an adult who wants a different name than the one assigned to them at birth.

  • Know a grouch? Help them out on February 16, “Do a Grouch a Favor Day.” Create a social media image listing three ways to do a grouch a favor. Ask your followers to share their ideas for that, too.

Is your book motivational or inspirational? Write an opinion essay – an op-ed – for your local newspaper about the importance of being kind and patient instead of grouchy as we all deal with inconveniences caused by supply chain issues and labor shortages.

If you need to, brainstorm with a friend about how to use these holidays or events to your advantage. Open your mind to the possibilities and have fun with them.

Fun February book marketing opportunities

Expand your book marketing with this short list of unexpected and fun February holidays. Look for more at HolidayInsights.com.

  • February 1 Spunky Old Broads Day
  • February 3 Feed the Birds Day
  • February 4 Bubble Gum Day
  • February 4 Thank a Mailman Day
  • February 5 National Shower with a Friend Day
  • February 5 National Weatherman’s Day
  • February 6 National Chopsticks Day
  • February 7 Send a Card to a Friend Day
  • February 9 Toothache Day
  • February 10 Umbrella Day
  • February 13 Get a Different Name Day
  • February 13 National Wingman Day
  • February 14 Ferris Wheel Day
  • February 15 Singles Awareness Day
  • February 15 Susan B. Anthony Day
  • February 16 Do a Grouch a Favor Day
  • February 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • February 20 Love Your Pet Day
  • February 22 Be Humble Day
  • February 26 Open That Bottle Night
  • February 26 Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Be sure to check out the list of book-related occasions during February in our 2022 literary calendar, too.

How can you connect any of these to your book or its theme, message, characters, or mission?

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