How far would you go to make your book a best seller?

What does it take to make your book a best seller?

Author Kevin Daum started with a tattoo.

I had dinner with Daum and several other writers last week while in New York City for the American Society of Journalists and Authors annual conference for writers. I was glad to have an opportunity to meet Daum in person after reviewing his book, Video Marketing for Dummies, here on the blog.

He mentioned that when he wrote an earlier book, Roar! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle: A Business Fable, his goal was to make it a New York Times best seller. To make sure he didn’t forget — and to make sure he worked toward that goal every day — Daum tattooed “New York Times best seller” backwards on his chest.

Why backwards? So that he’d be able to read it in the mirror every morning.

Here’s my picture of it. Let it be an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve the same goal — or any high goal, for that matter.

“New York Times best seller”

(Did it make the list? Nope.)

What would you do to make your book a best seller?


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    1. So true! It has to be an excellent book and getting to that point can be both rewarding and painful.



  1. Sandra:

    Everything begins writing a good book as you know. The point here is rewrite it as mush as you really think it is impossible to improve it anymore. That’s is a long road to run, if you are honest with yourself

    1. Yes, it’s a long road. I think that sometimes, when it comes to quality, we feel like we’ll never reach the end of that road, though.


    1. Of course. The fact that you’re jobless gives you more time to learn how to write a great book and market it well. Good luck!


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