How to get a book sponsor

Charmaine Hammond has been in the speaking industry for more than 20 years, is a five-time best-selling author, and is a frequent podcast guest. A co-owner of training firm Raise a Dream, Charmaine also teaches the online course Your Book as a Business. Learn more about her seven-step sponsorship model at RaiseADream.com.

How to get a book sponsor

By Charmaine Hammond

Did you know that there are book marketing opportunities available that can not only help you spread your message and sell more books, but also increase your impact and income?

You can sell more books and sell them in bulk, too, when you approach turn your book into a business. When you commit to the “my book is a business” concept, you can not only maximize your investment, but you can also increase book sales and set yourself up for sponsorship.

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Sell books in bulk

Creating a book business lets you go from selling books one at a time to selling 10 or 100 books with one purchase.

For example, at book signings, sell sets of two where the purchaser keeps one and donates the other to a charity. For greater impact, secure sponsors that will purchase bulk copies so you or they can then donate them to organizations and charities you both support.

So what is a book sponsorship and how does it work?

Sponsorship and collaboration for authors

Sponsorships can take different forms, but can include:

  • Paying for your in-person or virtual book tour
  • Purchasing your books in bulk to give to their customers or distribute at events (once we begin meeting in person again), or to donate to charitable organizations
  • Funding a book launch or event

I have applied collaboration skills to secure sponsors, champions, and funding for things like:

  • A 32-foot motorhome for my six-week North American book tour
  • Clothing, accessories, and makeup
  • Printing of marketing materials such as bookmarks, handouts, one-sheets, banners, postcards, and more
  • Hairstyling, massages, and health products
  • Media and marketing

I have also had sponsors buy thousands of copies of my books to give away to schools, organizations, and at events.

Now that you know what could be possible, you are likely wondering how you can do this, too.

7 steps to finding a sponsor

My company uses a seven-step model for researching, building relationships, and securing sponsorships.

It is important to remember that sponsorship is a marketing relationship. When a sponsor supports an author project (e.g. a launch, bulk-buy of books, or a book tour event) with cash or in-kind products/services, the sponsor is looking to achieve some kind of value.

What is that value? What is the sponsor looking to get out of this?

That’s a great question for the sponsor.

It’s why researching the organization, building an authentic relationship, and having conversations to learn about its objectives and needs will help you move through this process with more ease and success.

Before you talk to a sponsor

Here are some helpful tips to use as you think about how sponsorship can support your book business.

  • Identify and list the businesses and brands you would like to collaborate with. Always start closest to home with people or companies you have a relationship with.
  • Research the businesses and brands on your list (even if it’s your hair stylist that you have been going to for years). Learn what matters to those businesses. Study their websites, press releases, social media posts, and videos to learn more about their target audience, the types of projects they support, and what matters to them.
  • Identify what you bring to the collaboration table. Think about how you could support a sponsor. How can you help a business connect with its ideal audience? How would you call attention to a sponsorship?

When you are ready to contact potential sponsors (and again, I suggest starting first with businesses you know and have a relationship with), make sure you create a list of questions that will help you learn about the company. Identify where there are synergies and common ground.

Potential questions to ask a sponsor

The best questions to ask a potential sponsor will start with who, what, when, where, why, and how. This approach encourages the sponsor to give a detailed answer versus a “yes” or “no.”

Questions might include:

  • Tell me more about your company (history, values, brand promise, mission, etc).
  • Who is your target audience? How do you connect with them? What other audiences are you looking to be in front of?
  • What are some of your marketing objectives?
  • What are your marketing plans over the coming year or two?
  • What types of projects appeal to you?
  • What are your objectives with collaborations and sponsorships?

When you are curious and look to build a relationship, you will be much further ahead in your search for collaboration partners and sponsors. 

What company might sponsor your book? Please tell us about it in a comment.

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    1. That’s such a good point, Terry. Like anything else worth doing, it takes thought, planning, and careful execution.


      1. Yes you are right I had this idea since last year and now my manuscript is done I have written a concept note to see how I can get sponsors nit first ti buyvin bulk but help me finalize the final process to book publications, cause I ventured into a full time authoring since last year , but unfortunate my saving had gone dry and with carer still at infancy stage I got somehow stuck.

        Because I write for positive changes and self sustainance I thought I should be able to find donors who are willing to support authors like me and support my project which offcourse include buying in bulk and let me distribute ..
        My question is how could you possibly be of a help to help me link with such donors who support work in progress for African authors or globally…

        or female African authors..Thank you

  1. Sandra,

    This topic hit right on time. I have a client that I market for and she just co-authored a book that we are promoting right now. So having a book sponsor would be a great help.



    Shenomenal Women: Women Who Gave Up Excuses and Made a Way Through Life’s Most Challenging Times

  2. Sandra,

    Thanks for breaking this process into 7 steps that are very practical. Manufacturing companies would be a sponsor of my book for their employees.

    1. Timalyn, I’m grateful that Charmaine broke it down that way, too. (Also, it’s nice to see you here!)


      1. I think with the advancement of technology self publishing is the right step to take,majority of
        publishers are gate keepers and dream killers.
        on the other hand I hear your concern loud and clear being a young upcoming author I know what is like to be an author without support especially those like me who have ventured into a full time authoring, with dried saving and career still at infancy stage..cam be extremely difficult, it is in time.like these we could do with support..work on progress sipposrt.as I m.typing I have two piece of powerful manuscripts but struggling to cover cost for final process.

        please we need help

  3. Thank you Sandra.
    Your advice is very useful, however new authors need help not advice. Most agents and publishers are not taking new submission. We are writers not advertisers.

    1. I wish I could take credit for this advice. Your thanks go to our generous guest blogger, Charmaine Hammond.

      I’d be happy to help you work through the best ways to market your book. Would you like to purchase an hour of book marketing coaching time? Here’s more information on that: https://buildbookbuzz.com/speaking-coaching/


  4. Thanks, Charmaine, for this great advice and Sandy, for looking for ways to support authors. With so much competition, we need to think creatively to get our messages out!

  5. I have had 3 books published and each time I had a sponsor. While I am still writing my books, I begin the process of attracting a sponsor and I provide webinars and courses to the members of their organizations.

    1. Sounds fascinating, Stacey. What does sponsorship mean in this case? I’m curious about the specifics — I think our readers could learn from your experiences.


      1. My sponsors partner with me in delivering webinars related to the book to their audience and they help promote the book to their audience.

        And in one case, they purchase books in bulk before the publisher went to press…and the company got a special sales page inside the book.

        1. That’s the model I’m most familiar with, Stacey. I’m so glad it’s worked out for you.


  6. thanks for the great article personally I appreciate I will following the advice, am an up coming online magazine publisher in Uganda Africa and wish to get a sponsor here

    1. I can’t help with that, Hanieh, and I don’t know anyone who can, unfortunately. You might be able to find someone in a self-publishing group on Facebook.


  7. I am financing a religious publishing com.to publish a biography . The author is in a foreign land however the project is legit. They want $36000. for me to donate. Do I have to sign a contract. Where can I get advice on this?

    1. Theresa, you’re saying that you’re going to give a publisher $36,000 to publish a book? And you’re asking if there should be a contract definining this transaction? I would talk to a lawyer.


  8. Thank you so much for this article! My twin sister and I are both flight attendants and in the midst of trying to have a sponsor for our book revamp titled Fit for Flight that teaches travel enthusiasts how to stay in shape while living life on the go! We believe our book ties together fitness and travel beautifully; there is nothing else like it! 🙂 we will be using your tips to help us! All it takes is one company or brand to believe in us as much as we believe in our book! Thank you and bless you!

    1. Congratulations! There are a couple of training programs that help you learn how to do this. One of them might be just what you need. Good luck!


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