How to save a Facebook link to read later

How many times have you noticed interesting articles you’d like to read as you’ve scrolled down through your Facebook newsfeed and thought, “I’d love to read that but I don’t have time right now”?

Did you know that a little-known feature lets you save those links to read later?

It’s my new favorite time management tool.

Before, I’d either try to remember what I’d seen later when I had more time to read (didn’t work) or take a quick screenshot on my phone (only worked if I was looking at Facebook on my phone). Now, with a couple of clicks, I can save everything that interests me and read it later when I have the time (or I’m procrastinating).

I created a short video that shows you how to do it.

Save a Facebook link

Rather read than watch to learn how to save a Facebook link? Here’s a loose transcript.

  1. On the post you want to read later, put your cursor on the little arrow in the upper right of the post. Click on it.
  2. Look for “save link.” Click on it.
  3. To find your saved links, select “home” from your top toolbar, then go to the left side of the screen. Under “explore,” click on “saved.”

Pretty easy, right?

This is a particularly useful resource for authors who are in learning mode.

You’ve probably liked Facebook Pages that help you learn more about writing, publishing, and book marketing, and you’ve joined groups where you can discuss issues, ask for help, or learn from the experiences of others. (Pro tip: you might want to like the Build Book Buzz Page and join the Build Book Buzz discussion group.)

Pages, groups, and some personal profiles often share links to articles that will help you solve a problem or keep you current on industry trends. Personal profiles are more likely to generate posts with links to all kinds of interesting content, from funny videos to newspaper articles on current events to recipes.

There’s a lot there that can teach or entertain us, so learning how to save and access what’s most useful when we have time for it makes a difference.

Time management for authors

It’s all about time management. It feels like there’s never enough time to read, write, market, and do everything else in our lives. Any tool that can help you better manage that time is a gift.

In fact, maybe we can use this post to help fellow authors save time or be more efficient.

What’s your favorite time management tool or tip? Please share it in a comment.

If you can help just one person, it will be worth the couple of minutes it takes to share it. Thank you!

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  1. Thanks so much for this useful tip! I have been “saving” links by sending them to my email. But then I felt overwhelmed by the avalanche of emails. This approach will be very freeing. Thanks again.

    1. I’m glad it’s helpful, Karen! I’ve done that, too, but if I didn’t add a description that I’d remember to search for later, it would be more or less lost in my inbox. Now I know right where to find what I’ve saved, even if it’s a few weeks later.


  2. Thanks Sandy for keeping us in the loop and updated. I’m putting this to immediate use.

    For managing time, I start with an old-fashioned to-do list, and then add low-tech timer on my phone to push myself to finish tasks within specified times, usually an hour. To keep from missing deadlines, like trial periods or 30-day return guarantees, I put them on my Google calendar a few days ahead so they pop up on my notifications.

    1. Thanks, Flora! We have similar styles. Don’t you love those Google calendar alerts? Regarding that phone timer, I also use mine for tasks that I don’t like or just don’t want to do — I set the timer for 30 min., then start working. For some reason, knowing that I have a pre-determined end time makes it more tolerable for me. Go figure.


  3. Evernote!!

    I save pages into “notebooks” in Evernote and then I set aside time to read what I’ve saved or at least know where things are when I need them again.

    Great post, Sandra!

    1. I looooove Evernote! But Facebook reminds me that I’ve saved posts and Evernote doesn’t…. You’ve got a system that works — stick with it.

      Thanks, Rona!


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