Indie Author Day at libraries: Check it out

The first Indie Author Day at libraries is this Saturday, October 8, 2016.

Are you a self-published author who’s participating at a library? What do you have planned?

Whether you’re indie or not, involved with your local library’s celebration or not, you can still participate. There’s a live webcast that day at 2 p.m. Eastern featuring a panel discussion with agents, authors, and industry experts. To watch, click “Watch the live webcast” on the Indie Author Day site.

Planning for next year’s Indie Author Day

What can you do if your library isn’t participating this year? (Mine isn’t either.) Here are three things you can do now for next year:

  • Visit your library in person this week and ask them to follow what others are doing this Saturday so they become more informed. They can get a list of participating libraries on the site’s “Where?” page.
  • Offer to meet with your library to brainstorm ideas for an event next year. Be enthusiastic; help them understand how important their support is to local authors.
  • Rally other local indie authors and start discussing a proposal you can submit next year for an event that will help give local self-published authors more well-deserved exposure.

Learn more at IndieAuthorDay.com.

Are you participating with your local library this Saturday? Tell us how so you inspire those who hope to join in next year.

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  1. Great post. I am participating in Indie Author Day at the Highland Public Library in Highland, NY as a Self-e Ambassador. Looking forward to a terrific day meeting readers and other indie authors.

    1. Fantastic, Marianne! Do you know how they’re setting it up for you — what section of the library you’ll be in, whether you’ll all be grouped together, etc?


  2. I’ll be one of 25 authors at the Anaheim (CA) Central Library, one of the larger libraries in Orange County, for what the library is calling an Indie Author Fair. I can hardly wait! The first hour of this three-hour event will be dedicated to that live webcast; then two more hours will be dedicated to indie authors and their books. They’ll be 8-foot tables with two authors to a table, and the library is offering to let us each have an assistant sit with us if we wish. Thanks to Flora Brown (www.FloraBrown.com) for making the librarian aware of National Indie Author Day and encouraging him to hold this event.

    1. I’m sure it will be a worthwhile event for all involved, and I’m SO not surprised that Flora Brown is leading the charge. She’s a force of nature!


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