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Listen to blogtalkradio interview on book promotion

Earlier this month, I was interviewed about book publicity and promotion by Build Book Buzz subscriber and author Toneal Jackson on her “Inspirational Talk with Toneal” blogtalkradio program.

I always enjoy talking about book marketing and sharing as many tips as I can in an interview like this, but what was particularly noteworthy about this interview was the interviewer. Toneal might have come to the interview with a list of questions she wanted answered, but she truly listened as I spoke, asking thoughtful follow-up questions.

She was paying attention. What a treat!

Listen here or download the recording

Please listen in below, or download the one-hour interview to listen to later on your favorite device. I always try hard to avoid fluff and provide information that might actually be helpful, so I hope you get at least one good nugget from this.

To suggest a guest for Toneal’s show, please use the contact form on her website.

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