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Top 10 book marketing articles from Build Book Buzz in 2022

Which of our articles from 2022 were the most popular? Here's our annual list of the top 10 book marketing articles from the current year.

I always look forward to writing this article about the year’s top 10 book marketing articles on this site. It forces me to do something I need to do more often — study what resonates with you here so I can deliver more of it.

Google Analytics helps me identify the blog posts with the most traffic (visits). Because I want the list to focus only on articles created or updated in 2022, I remove those in the top 10 that don’t fit that description.

In addition to helping you see anything that coud help you but that you might have missed, this annual process helps me:

Your top 10 book marketing articles

Which Build Book Buzz articles made the most difference for you? Here are your favorite book marketing articles according to blog traffic reports.

1. 2022 literary calendar has 149 opportunities for celebrating all things books

This month-by-month list of occasions that celebrate all things books this year makes it easy to find opportunities you can work into your book marketing plans. It includes information on how to use the special days and holidays for year-round book marketing and promotion. (Be sure to download the 2023 literary calendar using that option in the article here.)

2. How to email a press release to journalists: The biggest mistake to avoid

Originally published in 2012 and updated this year, this how-to article with a short demo video is at the top of the traffic list year after year. It’s a must-read if you plan to contact journalists.

3. BookTok for book marketing

This roundup of media coverage of BookTok (a TikTok subculture for books and readers) digs into the impact of short videos from book lovers and why they’re important, and explains how you can use BookTok to your advantage.

4. 5 ways to promote your book long after the launch

Readers don’t care if your book came out last week, last month, or last year. All they care about is that it’s a good book. Here are five things you can do to promote your fiction and nonfiction books long after the launch has come and gone.

5. 18 book marketing tips from the trenches

I asked authors, book marketers, book publicists, and publishers for their best book marketing tips. Here’s truly helpful advice from 18 of them.

6. The difference between book reviews and endorsements

What’s the difference between book reviews and book endorsements? And why should you care? The article answers those questions and outlines the two types of book reviews and how they differ. Don’t miss the examples of endorsements in the second half.

7. 7 ways to promote your book while watching TV

The next time you’re watching TV to relax, especially if the show doesn’t require you to look at the screen the whole time to follow the action, try doing a few of these book promotion activities.

8. Attract more readers by including these 3 author bio essentials

Condensing your personal story into a few sentences can be a challenge. Build your credibility with readers by including these three author bio essentials in your author bio. Each is something readers expect to see on your book’s back cover and sales pages.

9. Boost social media success with these 3 image types

Research shows that images improve your social media success and engagement. Here are three types of custom images you can create that support your book marketing messages while they increase social media engagement.

10. Create your book marketing plan by answering these 7 questions

If you want to sell books, creating a book marketing plan isn’t optional – it’s essential. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of it, though. It’s really just a matter of answering the right questions. You’ll find them here.

I’ve been blogging here for more than 10 years, so there’s a huge amount of free information on this site. Find it with the search box. It’s on the right if you’re on a computer; on the bottom if you’re viewing this with a mobile device.

I’m looking forward to another year of learning and sharing with you.

What do you want me to write about on this blog in the coming year? Please offer suggestions in a comment below.

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  1. This is such a helpful post! I’m going to try number 10 and answer the questions about creating my book marketing plan. I think this will be a great tool for me.
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  2. Extremely useful, especially #2 and 5. I incorporated so many of your tips into my marketing plan. Thank you for giving specifics because that helps a novice like me.

    In 2023, I’ll look for more tips to help me launch my debut YA novel in June.

    Articles targeting young adult readers are what I need (since I’m a much older adult). I’m not likely to utilize TikTok, but I enjoy using Instagram.

    By far, your blog is one I read every time you send a newsletter. Thank you, and happy holidays!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Mona! You made my day! Would a Q&A about how to market a YA novel with someone who does it well help? If so, I can add it to the list for 2023.

      I’m always so grateful when someone likes you takes a moment to say something positive. Thank you!


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