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Use quirky September holidays for book promotion

Persistence — and a little creativity — go a long way with book promotion.

One way to add some creativity to your book promotion is to link your book to seasonal activities, events, or holidays. “Back to school” is an obvious occasion for this time of the year, but there are lots of others coming up next month, too.

Can you link your book to any of these fun or quirky September holidays and special occasions? If you can, you’ve got a promotional hook that you can run with.

Write a blog post, pitch a story idea, send a press release, create an image to share on your Facebook page or Twitter.  Imagine all you can do with this! You just need a credible connection to the “holiday” of your choice.

September’s book promotion occasions

Here are just a few of the fun offerings at Holiday Insights, where you’ll find a longer list that might offer an even better fit for your book in September.

And . . . note that three special days below have a connection to books! What author can’t make the most of “Read a Book Day?”

Click through on each link for the details.

Naturally, not every author will find a good fit on September’s list of occasions, but you can look ahead to October and November for more inspiration.

Have you ever used this tactic to promote your book? Let us know in a comment. 

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  1. Sandra – so glad to be reminded of Holiday Insights. I used to use it when I worked at a retirement home. The residents liked reading about them in the monthly newsletter I did and doing fun little things for crafts or activities. I can certainly see how useful it could be for articles and releasing a book.

    1. And that’s a particularly popular one for some reason, Laura. My region’s media outlets always seem to do something fun with it.


  2. Thank you so very much for this idea. My book is about a young girl who has type 1 diabetes. I will use Oct and Nov to promote my two books. Great idea!
    Now I have to get creative and think of ways to tackle this subject. Any ideas would be appreciate.

    1. I’m glad it got you thinking, Emma! Here are some ideas from the blog post: Write a blog post, pitch a story idea, send a press release, create an image to share on your Facebook page or Twitter.


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