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World reading habits in 2020

I was happy to say “yes” when today’s guest blogger, Isabel Cabrera, asked me if I was interested in a guest post showcasing the research in the World Reading Habits in 2020 infographic below. Isabel is the content manager for Global English Editing, a professional editing and proofreading company.

World reading habits in 2020

By Isabel Cabrera

When the world went into lockdown this year because of COVID-19, many of us had more time on our hands.

Some people turned to watching Netflix and YouTube, and others learned new skills from online education platforms such as MasterClass.

Bibliophiles around the world, however, took the opportunity to churn through more of their favorite books.

world reading habits 2

Millennials are reading more

Editing and proofreading service Global English Editing wanted to find out exactly how coronavirus changed our reading habits.

A few of our surprising insights include:

  • 35 percent of people said they read more books this year

  • Millennials had the biggest uptick out of all generations, with 40 percent reading more.

  • Maybe because social isolation kept single people from finding love, romantic fiction was clearly the most popular genre this year.

For more eye-opening facts about world reading habits in 2020, check out the infographic below.

COVID silver lining 2

What about you? Have you been reading more since the pandemic hit? Please tell us in a comment along with the types of books you’ve been reading. 

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