The 10 most popular articles from the past 6 months

What articles on this blog have resonated with you the most during the past six months? Here are the top 10 according to Google Analytics. Not surprisingly, the articles that have been viewed the most also tend to be those with a higher number of social media “shares” and blog comments.

Which one of these is your favorite? Please leave a comment so I know.

  1. How to e-mail a press release to journalists. This made me happy because it features my first video. Learn the right and wrong way to get your news to the media.
  2. Where to find online book reviewers. There’s important information on this report on Joan Stewart’s webinar on this topic. There’s even more helpful information on her comprehensive webinar, which is available now as a recorded video replay.
  3. 5 ways to turn your book into an article marketing machine. This is one of my favorite tactics because I love writing. I’m glad to see from the comments that it turned on a few lightbulbs over readers’ heads.
  4. How to get unfriended on Facebook. Lots of Facebook “likes” on this one. Do you think people were saying “hint, hint” to their Facebook friends?
  5. Who buys books and what do they buy? This one has a wonderful embedded slide show from Bowker with detailed information on book buyers.
  6. Pinterest for books: Is it for you? Get demographic information on Pinterest users that helps you decide if this social network is a good fit for your book (tip: it probably is).
  7. Boost your book publicity success with tip sheets. Media outlets and bloggers love this specific type of press release!
  8. 5 book marketing lessons from an author who is getting royalty checks. Laura Laing, one of my most motivated Book Publicity 101 students, tell us how she earned out her advance and started making even more money from her book.
  9. How to find time for book promotion. Get tips from authors who have figured it out. (The image is courtesy of my family room wall.)
  10. 7 things you need to know about working with a book publicist. One of the most important things to understand is that they don’t work on commission.

What’s your favorite article on this blog . . . and why?

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  1. My book has just come out. This infomation looks like the real deal. I have been looking for info. on how to promot my book and I have a list of what I need to do. This info. show me how. I can’t wait to get started

    1. There’s lots of information here, Christopher. The search box on the right might help some, too.



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